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Chilean Inspiration: Desnúdate – Nudity as a Rebellious Act of Self-Liberation

In a world shaped by societal norms and conventions, there are artists who have the courage to shed these shackles and convey a rebellious message. I aspire to be such an artist, and with my new series, "Desnúdate," I pay homage to the power of self-liberation. Inspired by my personal experiences amidst the uprisings for social equality in Chile in 2019, I have chosen to share my vision of a life filled with freedom and self-determination through my art.

Erstes Aktgemälde entstanden in Santiago de Chile 2019

The Awakening in Chile

In 2019/20, Chile experienced a wave of rebellion against social inequality and oppression. Thousands of protesters took to the streets with determination to fight for their rights. Some paid with severe injuries or even with their lives for their involvement. During that time, I lived in the capital, Santiago de Chile, for several months and found myself in the midst of the demonstrations, intentionally and unintentionally, on multiple occasions. These protests were far from peaceful and orderly.

Sidewalks were damaged to extract stones that were then thrown at the police and government vehicles. Burning barricades made of old tires, wood, and whatever else could be found blocked the streets. People's faces were partially covered with cloths to protect themselves from inhaling tear gas. It was wild, chaotic, uncontrolled, yet captivating, impressive, and energizing. The courage and determination of these individuals to fervently advocate for a change in their society were so palpable that it deeply impacted me then and continues to inspire me to raise my own voice. Influenced by my experiences in Chile, the series "Desnúdate" was born, embodying the spirit of resistance and rebellion.

Rebelling Against Conventions

"Desnúdate" (which means "undress" in English) calls on us to be as courageous as the Chileans were and still are, to dance outside the lines and define our own rules. Every brushstroke, every line, and every detail in my artworks expresses the desire to break free from the norm and push the boundaries. It is a reminder that we have the right to express ourselves and fulfill our own potential without being constrained by the expectations of others. This path can be damn long and challenging, and it can offer so much resistance that we reach the point of wanting to give up multiple times. But giving up is not an option for me, just as it wasn't for the Chileans. We are solely responsible for our actions and thoughts. So take responsibility for your life and do what gives it meaning!

The Source of Inspiration

The uprisings in Chile have contributed significantly to the creation of my new series, but they have also inspired me as an artist to find my own voice and stand up for what I believe in. They have also shown me that art can be a powerful form of expression and protest. Additionally, my own perception of women and body image, influenced by society and my surroundings, is something I strongly question and seek to explore in my art. Through my works, I aim to inspire people to pursue their dreams, discover their passions, and shape their own lives. I believe that art has the power to move people and initiate change.

Closing Thoughts

"Desnúdate" is more than just an art series—it is a manifestation of the rebellious spirit inherent in all of us. It serves as a reminder that we have the potential to break free from the shackles of society and lead fulfilling and authentic lives. "Desnúdate" is intended to inspire us to find our own voice, give us the courage to rise against conventions, and pursue our dreams with determination.

How much are you willing to do to lead a better life?

Kunstserie Desnúdate

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