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As an artist, I want to encourage people to live a more independent, determined and unconstrained life.

Fotos: Tobias Clemens Richter

Artist Statement

In certain areas of life, we usually act in a way that is anything but self-determined, such as in our choice of profession. We often adopt patterns, beliefs and norms that are set for us by society. Sometimes we simply lack the courage to take a different path than everyone else.


My abstract paintings therefore do not follow any strict rules, which gives them a free and unconstrained effect. With sweeping, uninhibited brushstrokes, I bring these energies unfiltered onto the canvas. The light-heartedness of my works inspires the viewer to free himself from his mental and social constraints and instead to pursue his own dreams and goals.

My nude paintings intensify this idea even more by showing the female body uncensored. By doing so, I want to express that the opinions of others are completely irrelevant. My nudes reflect pride in one's own femininity and the strength and determination to free oneself from social conventions. They are meant to make people realise that they already possess the courage it takes to unleash, celebrate and live out every facet of their self.


Are you brave enough to go your own way?


Daniela Bieler discovered and realised her creative talent at a young age. At the age of 21, she began with nude drawings on paper. Two years later, her first works of art on canvas were created mainly with acrylic paints.

She became determined to make a name for herself as an artist when she lived in Chile for seven months in 2019/20. At the time, she became part of the chilean social justice movement. During this rough time, she experienced first-hand what it means to rebel against social norms and stand up for yourself and your freedom.

This experience inspired Daniela to create numerous nude paintings as well as abstract works while still in Santiago de Chile. Above all, the self-confidence of South American women with regard to their bodies was the artist's decisive source of inspiration for the nude paintings at that time. In Chile, she transported above all her urge for self-determination onto the canvas, which still drives her today. In the meantime, her artworks can be found internationally among art lovers.

Daniela Bieler was born in Germany in 1994 and lives in Jena.

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